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Old Sweater to New Cardigan

Today I found a pin that lead me to the blog “Easily Dunn.” There she showed her readers how to take an old shirt and turn it into a cardigan. What an awesome idea! I had to try it. I had the perfect sweater in the drawer that I had received as a Christmas present years prior. It was two sizes to big for me but it was a pretty color and soft. Problem was that it was a knit sweater. How was I going to cut up something that might unravel? Well I figured I would jump over that bridge when I got to it. The best part about this tutorial? No sewing machine needed! Sorry for the grainy photos. The lighting is not the best in my husbands office.

Tools you will need:

  • Scissors
  • An old shirt
  • Hem Tape
  • Buttons (optional)
  • Needle and Thread (also optional)

Here is my Sweater before:


Mighty unflattering eh? 

I laid it out on the floor to be butchered and no, you don’t need a hot glue gun. That was from another project. 🙂



Then I cut a strip down the center of the sweater.


Next, I figured out where wanted my hem and placed the hem tape there.


Peel and fold the hem over. Press. (I used sticky hem tape because I cannot iron my sweater fabric but you can use iron hem tape.) Do the same on the other side.

So here I ended up having an open gap where I cut the collar. I placed another piece of hem tape in there. 


I could have been done right there, but I decided to add some buttons. I jazzed them up with some red thread. 


Here is the final product. Pretty stinking simple huh?


Note to self: Clean dusty mirror. 

I had fun with this one. I am not sure how I feel about the collar of the shirt but I think I might try to stiffen it a little so it doesn’t flop around. I will certainly try a cotton shirt soon because the thickness of the sweater was somewhat difficult to work with. I think a cotton shirt would turn out even better. 😀