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Crochet Crocodile Stitch Scarf


This is the first scarf I have ever finished! It was incredibly easy. However, when I first looked at it I thought it looked very challenging. I really loved the scales so I decided to give it a try. My mother bought me this yarn because she wanted me to make her something. The colors change so it was perfect for the scales.

I found this tutorial here on YouTube. If you have not ever looked for tutorials on YouTube, I highly recommend it. He walks you through it step-by-step and makes it simple even for newbies. I am a newbie and I completed it! If you are a more experienced crocheter, you can visit his website for a written pattern. I will say that If I had had more yarn, I would have continued with the length so that it could be wrapped again to keep the scales going the same way.

Here is a closer look at the stitches


I had originally started this project wider, but my mother asked that I make it thinner so that it would easier to wear dressy. So….I unraveled it. Don’t worry, it actually went super fast after I started doing rows of three.  I do think the original looked pretty awesome though. I am, however, pretty sad that the lighting washed out the colors. They are much richer and warmer than what they appear in the image.


If you were really creative, this could make a super cute dragon/lizard/snake costume for a baby or child. 🙂 Once again, if you are interested in this project, you can learn how to do it here. Enjoy!