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Ombre Christmas Nails!

I finally removed my candy cane nail polish and needed a new project. I saw some pretty gold and red ombre nails while surfing the web. My friend (Joan) had posted a similar nail project of her own on Facebook and I decided to put my own spin on it. Note: I painted them quickly as the smell bothers my husband. So, I got a little messy.

First, I did two coats of red. The polish I used here was L.A. Colors: Festive. I had yet to clean around my nails in this photo.Image

Then I used L.A. Colors: Deluxe which has fine gold glitter in a clear polish. In order to fade it down my nail I used a Q-tip to dab it onto my nails. Once I had covered the base well, there was less glitter on the Q-tip, and I finished down toward the tips of my nails. This created a fading effect. (I hope that makes sense.)


I did this pretty quick, but it seemed to turn out pretty well! I like it much better than just plain old red!