DIY made easy.

DIY Hair Comb

Here is a fun and really cheap way to jazz up a hair style. I found this pin and decided to give it a shot. I purchased some $.30 embroidery floss and $3 combs at Walmart. Since Christmas is in less than a month I decided to make my comb Christmas themed. Since, I have never been a fan of red and green, I went for a candy cane look. 



First I started with red. I cut of a long piece of the floss and looped it through the center of the first pick and tied a knot on the back. As I continued to loop, I found that the floss was a huge pain because it continually wanted to separate into many strands, so I wrapped some tape around the end of it. After that, threading it through was a cinch. Word of advice, keep your excess string over the top of the comb when you are threading it through. Otherwise, your string will get caught up in the teeth of the comb and make your life a nightmare. Below are photos of the front and the back after the red.




So, next I cut a long strand of white and tied it to the end of the red. Lather, rinse, repeat, only backwards! 


So here is the final product after the white was finished! Front and back…Image

And I thought I would throw in a few where I just stuck it in my hair. Kinda cute huh?


If you try this, I would love to see your photos! 


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  1. It looks so neat! Thanks for the link and great job!

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