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Winter Nails

Needing a break from writing papers, I stared at my ugly nails. The winter weather had made them brittle and my skin dry.


I decided to jazz them up a bit after seeing some fun designs on pinterest. This pin, specifically, was my inspiration for what I did.

Because I have limited nail polish colors, I decided to go a little more subtle which is more my style. First I used two coats of Sally Hansen: Pedal to the Metal nail polish.


After my nails had fully dried, I used a toothpick and put a dab of white nail polish on a piece of paper. I dipped the tip in and slowly drew the shape of the snowflake on my nails. To avoid having the same snowflake on every nail, I rotated the snowflake on each nail. Pretty simple? Yep, until you start drawing snowflakes with the hand you don’t write with! Those snowflakes were a little more wiggly. They still look nice though. 🙂


Finally, I sealed my nails with Sally Hanson: Disco Ball nail polish which is clear with subtle glitter for a nice sparkle. Here are the results!


For a clearer look at my thumb:


Lots of fun! Just be aware that your snowflakes will take longer to dry since the nail polish ends up a little thicker when applying with a toothpick. Good luck!


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  1. Cool idea! You’re so crafty! 🙂

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