DIY made easy.

Super Simple Wedding Favors

When my husband and I were planning for our wedding, we were on a strict budget. When it came to giving wedding favors, I didn’t want people to walk away with crap. (You all know what I mean.) I wanted to give them something they could use, not something that would be tossed in a drawer, never to be seen again. So, after some searching, I decided that I wanted to do something with honey. Finally a few weeks before the wedding I ordered honey sticks from Since our theme was purple and white I added honey as similar as possible. We bought a few hundred sticks of honey knowing that every guest would get a few of them in a bundle. It took only a few days for them to arrive on my door step. As I gathered them together, I placed a tiny hair rubber band around each bundle and stacked them because I knew I wanted to tie ribbon to them. I knew without the rubber band the ribbon would slide right off. I cut tons of ribbon and went to Office Max and had little tags made. Here was the finished product!!! It only cost a few cents per guest to put these together!

Thanks to my friend Alexandra who Instagramed this! 



I was in super DIY mode for our wedding and threw bows on everything. Knowing that it was going to be super hot in July, my mother and I picked up wooden fans at Michaels and I used leftover ribbon for streamers. I also added the bows to the bubbles. 




Needless to say, my fingers were sore after all of those bows. I hope I have inspired some of you ladies about to be married! 



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